Clean transport powered by the Sun

Deliver fresh. Extend your range. Reduce fuel.

Use the power of the sun to improve your logistics.

From the makers of race-winning solar panels.

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Logistics powered by the Sun

Reduce costs
Generate operational savings by the unlimited energy of the sun. Save fuel, extend your range and increase your amount of deliveries.
Deliver fresh
Deliver products cooled, without reducing the operating radius. Use the power of sunny days to keep products fresh until delivery.
Go green
Directly save on emissions such as CO2 and NOx. Prepare for regulations and contribute to green transport and clean cities.

Our technology

Based on the award-winning solar panels of solar racing cars Nuna and Stella Vie.
Use all your load capacity with a weight addition of less then 2 kg/m2.
Thin and light, yet strong. Durable and resilient to road conditions.
Plug & play
Including required inverter and a plug and play installation method.
Highly efficient
Up to 24% cell efficiency with race-winning solar cells and 100% use of the available surface.

Our cases

Choose the application that suits your means of transport.
Perfect delivery
Product cooling
  • Use power for cooling and sensors
  • Deliver products in perfect state
  • Without compromising on range
For (light) electric vehicles
Range extension
  • Use power to extend your range
  • Charge your battery on the go
  • Remain light and emission free
For trucks and trailers
Household power
  • Use power for onboard systems
  • Lower generator servicing costs
  • Decrease the need of fuel

About Wattlab

Since 2017, Wattlab has set new boundaries for the application of solar power. Originating from the Vattenfall Solar Team (former Nuon Solar Team), Wattlab closes the gap between science and market applications. With close collaborations with industry leaders and cutting edge knowledge institutes, latest innovations are integrated into new solar applications. With a passion for technology and a drive to solve the climate problem, every challenge is an opportunity.

Our mission in transport

Collaboration is key in solving the climate problem. Our mission is to collaborate with industry leaders in order to develop and scale new solar solutions. By integrating solar energy into vehicles, we speed up the transition to zero-emission transport and mobility. Towards a world without harmful emissions on the streets and with vehicles as smart energy sources to the public grid.

Our Partners & Customers

Developing solar solutions in collaboration with:


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